Dwight Howard Lawsuit Update: Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Sexual Assault Allegations

‣ A judge in Georgia declined Dwight Howard’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging sexual assault and battery, filed by Stephen Harper, who accuses Howard of hurting him in 2021.

‣ Howard’s attorneys argue the encounter was consensual, pointing to sexually explicit messages from Harper as evidence, while Harper’s attorney expresses readiness to prove their client’s case in court.

‣ Despite Howard’s legal team presenting text messages they claim show consent and initiation by Harper, the judge’s decision allows the lawsuit to proceed, with Howard’s attorneys expressing confidence in proving their case through the judicial process.


A new twist has emerged in the saga of Dwight Howard’s legal battles. A judge in Georgia threw a curveball by refusing to toss out a lawsuit accusing the former NBA star of sexual assault and battery. The plaintiff, Stephen Harper, claims Howard harmed him in his own home back in 2021. It’s a serious accusation, one that’s been hanging in the air for almost a year now.

Howard’s defense team quickly fired back, insisting the interaction was consensual. Yet, the judge decided to highlight some rather spicy texts from Harper, adding fuel to the fire.

“My take? We’re just getting started,” Harper’s lawyer, Olga Izmaylova, quipped. She’s gearing up for a showdown in court, confident in her client’s case.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, folks are buzzing. “Judge won’t dismiss Dwight Howard sexual assault suit [Update],” reads a tweet from Deadspin, sparking all sorts of reactions online.

On the flip side, Dwight’s legal squad remains unshaken. “The truth will out,” asserts Justin Bailey, one of Howard’s attorneys. He’s banking on the justice system to unveil the real story, hinting at a robust defense strategy in the works.

Remember December? When Howard tried to get the lawsuit chucked, calling it a “classic case of unrequited love”? Yeah, that didn’t fly. His main argument hinged on some text messages, claiming some were missing or tampered with. His team even brought screenshots to the table, though they hadn’t officially entered the court record.

Howard’s lawyers were pretty confident. They thought those texts painted a clear picture of Harper as a willing participant, looking for round two after a night he supposedly enjoyed. They were betting big on this to get the case dismissed.

But here’s the kicker: despite their disappointment, Howard’s attorneys are not backing down. They’re convinced the messages not only prove consent but also show Harper taking the initiative.

And yet, despite their arguments, the case marches on. “As it stands, Harper’s consent is crystal clear,” they argued, hoping to dismantle the lawsuit piece by piece. They’re gunning for a summary judgment, banking on the consent angle to nullify any claims of wrongdoing.

Back in July, Harper threw down the gauntlet, suing Howard for a cocktail of charges, including assault and battery, and false imprisonment. But without a formal police interview, the criminal side of things hit a dead end. No charges were filed against Howard.

So, here we are. A legal drama unfolding, with each side digging in, ready for the next round. It’s a messy, complicated affair, filled with claims and counterclaims, and at its heart, a conversation about consent, intent, and the truth. Only time will tell how this chapter in Dwight Howard’s life will end.

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