NBA Champion Suggests Season Shutdown for Injured Joel Embiid

‣ After Joel Embiid’s injury news broke out, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins advised the Philadelphia 76ers to shut him down for the season to ensure proper healing, highlighting the importance of player health over immediate performance.

‣ Draymond Green criticized the NBA’s 65-game threshold rule for major awards eligibility, suggesting it pressures players like Joel Embiid to play through injuries, potentially leading to more severe health issues.

‣ The debate over the NBA’s 65-game threshold rule reflects a broader concern about player welfare and the balance between maintaining competitive integrity and ensuring the long-term health of athletes.


Oh boy, the NBA’s in a frenzy, and it’s all because Joel Embiid’s knee decided to act up. Thursday night, the web was ablaze with news that the Sixers’ powerhouse would be benched indefinitely. A meniscus injury’s the culprit. Talk about a shockwave through the league!

Kendrick Perkins, over at ESPN, couldn’t sit still. Just days before, he’d thrown shade at Embiid. Now, he’s flipping the script, all concerned about the guy’s knee. Initially, he was all, “Embiid’s dodging games,” especially when it came to facing off against Nikola Jokic. “Scared for the last four years,” he said. But, oh, how the tables have turned.

Perkins, on air, was like, “What’s really going on?” He couldn’t fathom Embiid playing back-to-back games, especially with Jokic in town, if his knee was truly in bad shape. Now, with the Sixers confirming the injury’s severity, Perkins is singing a different tune. He’s all for shutting Embiid down for the season. “Let the man heal,” he practically shouted from the rooftops.

And then there’s this new rule the NBA cooked up. Players gotta hit a 65-game minimum to be in the running for the big awards. Mid-season, and it’s already rubbing folks the wrong way. Players are grumbling, fans are pointing fingers, especially with Embiid’s injury making headlines.

Draymond Green, never one to mince words, took to his podcast to air his grievances. He’s convinced the 65-game rule pressured Embiid into playing hurt. “Now look,” he said, “our MVP might be out for who knows how long.” All because of this arbitrary threshold.

Even Tyrese Haliburton chimed in, calling the rule “stupid.” After a practice session, he laid it out. It’s what the owners want, so players are bending over backward to meet this quota. “Gotta take care of my body,” he said, echoing the sentiment of players league-wide. They’re all in the same boat, trying to please the powers that be.

So, yeah, the NBA’s in a bit of a pickle. With Embiid’s injury stirring the pot, everyone’s looking at the league’s new policy and wondering if it’s worth the pain.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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