Stephen A. Smith Slams All-Star Game as Travesty, Proposes Radical Solution

– ‣ The All-Star Weekend’s events, despite having entertaining moments, were criticized for lacking intensity and competition, particularly noted in the East vs. West matchup which lacked defense and resulted in a record 211 points scored by the Eastern Conference.
– ‣ Stephen A. Smith expressed significant frustration with the All-Star game’s lack of effort, especially in defense, suggesting a drastic change or even cancellation of the contest due to the players showing more effort in summer training than in the All-Star game.
– ‣ JJ Redick criticized the All-Star Weekend’s lack of punctuality, highlighting the issue with the All-Star Game starting 45 minutes late, which he found disrespectful to schedules and challenging for families.


All-Star Weekend wrapped up, leaving fans and pundits divided in their opinions. It was a mixed bag, really. Sure, we got to see the bromance bloom between Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic. And yes, the three-point face-off between Sabrina Ionescu and Stephen Curry was nothing short of electrifying. But, let’s be honest, the intensity? Not quite there.

Then came the East vs. West game on Sunday. Oh boy, talk about a lack of defense. It was as if the concept was alien to them. The Eastern Conference stars, though, they put on a show, scoring a whopping 211 points and winning by a landslide. A record, even. But at what cost?

Stephen A. Smith, ever the voice of reason (or so he thinks), couldn’t hide his frustration. He took to *First Take* with a vengeance, demanding a complete overhaul. “Cancel the contest,” he said, not mincing his words. And you know when Stephen A. gets going, it’s serious business.

“The All Star game is TERRIBLE,” he tweeted, sparking debates and nodding heads. Or shaking heads, depending on where you stand. His tweet was a prelude to a rant that would echo across the sports world. “How I’d fix the Dunk Contest, Steph/Sabrina, Kenny Smith interview,” he continued, promising a fiery episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show.

What we witnessed, according to the ESPN legend, was an “absolute travesty.” Almost 400 points on the board and not a hint of defense. “No effort whatsoever,” he lamented. It’s like the NBA stars save their real hustle for summer training, not the All-Star game. Stephen A. was not having it. At all.

He argued that while no one expects playoff-level competition, a smidgen of effort wouldn’t hurt. Especially in the summer. “You see guys giving effort in the summer. That’s all I’m saying,” he pointed out. The lack of defensive effort? A travesty, in his words.

LeBron James, when quizzed about the defensive debacle, admitted it wasn’t ideal. “It goes against our competitive nature,” he said, hinting at a need for a deeper conversation. The silver lining, according to LeBron? No injuries. Everyone left as they came, unscathed. But still, it’s a conversation worth having.

Then there’s JJ Redick, who had his own bone to pick. Not with the game itself, but with the scheduling. The All-Star Game kicked off a whole 45 minutes late. On his podcast, *The Old Man and the Three*, Redick vented like a true veteran. “Why can’t we start anything on time in the NBA?” he grumbled.

It was supposed to start at 8:00 pm ET. Instead, tip-off was nearly an hour late. Redick, bewildered and a tad grumpy, couldn’t fathom the lack of punctuality. “It’s driving me crazy,” he confessed. Raising kids with no concept of punctuality? A nightmare, according to him.

So, there you have it. A weekend of highs and lows, of dunks and delays. The All-Star Weekend, always a spectacle, but this time, leaving us with more questions than answers. And a few rants for good measure.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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