Texas A&M-Commerce & Incarnate Word Players Brawl After Game

– ‣ A wild brawl erupted during the postgame handshakes after Texas A&M-Commerce’s overtime win against Incarnate Word, marking one of the craziest men’s college basketball brawls to date.
– ‣ The fight led to injuries, with a “young girl” in the crowd getting hurt and a team manager having “blood on his face,” although there has been no further update on the extent of the injuries.
– ‣ Texas A&M-Commerce and Incarnate Word issued a joint apology for the incident, highlighting that such behavior does not reflect the values of the universities or the Southland Conference, which is reviewing the matter for appropriate disciplinary action.


A wild scene unfolded at the Alice P. McDermott Convocation Center in San Antonio on Monday. It happened right after Texas A&M-Commerce clinched a 76-72 overtime victory against Incarnate Word. The usual postgame handshakes took a turn for the worse, quickly escalating from friendly banter to an all-out brawl. Imagine, just a simple “good game” and a minor bump between two players sparked one of the most chaotic brawls in men’s college basketball history.

Suddenly, fists were flying. Players from both sides got involved, throwing punches left and right. Coaches and a few peacemakers from each team jumped in, attempting to break up the fight. Despite their efforts, the melee dragged on for nearly two minutes.

“Oh no, this is not good,” exclaimed the play-by-play broadcaster amidst the chaos. His voice carried a mix of disbelief and disappointment. “This is not what you want to see after such a great game. We’ve got chaos here, folks. People are still chasing each other down. Oh my goodness.”

In the midst of the turmoil, a young girl in the crowd got hurt. To add to the grim scene, a team manager was spotted with blood on his face. Details on injuries were scarce, with no updates from the authorities or the schools involved.

In response to the incident, Texas A&M-Commerce and Incarnate Word issued a joint apology late Monday. They expressed regret over the behavior displayed by their basketball programs during the handshake lineup. “There is no place in college sports for such actions,” the statement declared. It emphasized that the unsportsmanlike conduct does not reflect the values of the universities, the Southland Conference, or its member institutions. Both schools and the conference are reviewing the matter, prioritizing the safety of everyone involved.

The Southland Conference chimed in with a statement of its own. It acknowledged being aware of the “end-of-game situation” and promised to work closely with both universities. The goal? To review the footage and determine appropriate disciplinary actions. “Unsportsmanlike behavior is unacceptable,” the conference affirmed, underlining the importance of safety for student-athletes, spectators, and officials alike.

Before this chaos, Texas A&M-Commerce coach Jaret von Rosenberg described the teams’ first encounter as “a dogfight.” The Lions had previously secured a 71-66 victory over the Cardinals. But this second matchup? It became memorable for all the wrong reasons.

On a brighter note, Lions sophomore guard Alonzo Dodd shone with 20 points. Senior guard Kalen Williams hit a crucial 3-pointer with just 13 seconds left in overtime, propelling Texas A&M-Commerce to victory. Dodd also contributed seven rebounds and five assists, while Williams scored 16 points, including four 3-pointers. Junior forward Kwo Agwa ended the game with 13 points and three blocked shots.

Despite the win, both Texas A&M-Commerce (10-17, 4-10 in SLC) and Incarnate Word (8-18, 3-10 in SLC) linger near the bottom of the conference standings. A tough season, indeed, but let’s hope the lessons learned from this incident lead to better sportsmanship in the future.

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James Shotwell
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